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Brand protection protects your company from fraud. It also protects all of your customers from phishing attacks and fraud in your name.

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DomainSkate’s Fraud Preventer monitors domain registrations, analyzes phishing websites, identifies typo squatting domains, and maintains a domain watchlist.

Use our free service 'Threat Finder' to get a list of 10 sites that may be infringing on your brand.

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Automatically detect and mitigate typosquatting

DomainSkate’s Fraud Preventer is a critical tool against potential fraud. Using our unique and proprietary platform, you can easily find threatening domains, receive daily update on any changes that predict an attack. We can even take the offending domain off the internet for you.

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What does Fraud Preventer do?

Using 390 million data references per day, our proprietary database of over half a Billion domains, and machine learning and fraud detection APIs, Fraud Preventer empowers you to stop online attacks before they happen by shutting down the typosquatting or look-alike domain used in the threat actor. By staying ahead of the threats, Fraud Preventer lets you protect your business against emerging threats, thereby allowing you to work faster and more efficiently.

Using white hat and gray hat techniques to mimic threat actor activity, we continuously train our Artificial Intelligence (AI) models to detect fraudulent websites.


Involves identifying the types of fraud most relevant to your business, gathering relevant data, establishing fraud detection models, integrating these models into business processes and training our AI to run checks based on the right parameters.


At the client’s discretion, we contact domain registrars and hosting providers to remove malicious websites, report serious fraud to law enforcement, track takedown progress, and continuously monitor for new domains.

Domain Management

DomainSkate’s Fraud Preventer monitors domain registrations, analyzes phishing websites, identifies typosquatting domains, and maintains a domain watchlist.

Forced acquisition

DomainSkate will use all known data from our proprietary database to attempt to transfer the domain back to the client using legal, forced transfer processes of domain registration or the Uniform Domain-Name-Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP).

Why Your Brand Needs a Fraud Preventer

Don’t let fraud compromise your customer trust. DomainSkate helps you keep an eye on suspicious online activity and protect yourself from financial loss or reputational damage. Further benefits include

Real-Time Support

DomainSkate’s automatic Fraud Preventer can monitor web activity and detect fraudulent activities in real-time, maintaining communication with you to ensure you’re secure at all times.

Continuous Learning & Adaptation

The DomainSkate machine learning algorithms continuously learn and adapt to new fraud trends and patterns, ensuring that your business remains protected against evolving threats.

Cost Savings

By preventing fraudulent transactions, businesses can save money on legal fees, chargebacks, refunds and customer care costs.

Data-driven insights

Automated fraud detection can generate valuable data insights that could help businesses understand their operational dynamics better, in addition to improving their fraud prevention strategies.

Enhanced Brand Reputation

Companies can preserve customer trust and protect their brand reputation by taking precautions against fraudulent activities.

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