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At DomainSkate, we redefine brand management through a combination of cutting-edge solutions tailored to your unique personal needs.

DomainSkate’s Fraud Preventer monitors domain registrations, analyzes phishing websites, identifies typo squatting domains, and maintains a domain watchlist.

Use our free service 'Threat Finder' to get a list of 10 sites that may be infringing on your brand.

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Outsourced Brand Manager

Outsource your online brand protection to our experts.

At DomainSkate, we redefine brand management through a combination of cutting-edge solutions tailored to your unique personal needs. Our dedicated Custom Brand Manager is designed to monitor, manage and update content, ensuring your brand is accurately represented across the digital landscape. DomainSkate regularly updates the customer on a regular basis and on request. We partner with you to optimize and maintain your online image. As the client, you don’t spend precious employee time on brand protection. Rest assured we will report our status and progress as often as you like, and our team members will constantly monitoring your online assets for you. for you.

How it works?


DomainSkate carries out an initial assessment of your brand presence online by literally reviewing 390 Million registered domains every day, and rating the domains that are most likely to effect your brand. Our Outsourced Brand Manager team creates a detailed picture of your brand by scouring the internet and social media, and assessing if and how it can be used in a current or future attack. The assessment allows us to filter and categorize content that could potentially harm your brand with phishing, fake websites, and other online fraud.


Threat Detection

DomainSkate monitors all activity related to your brand. Our automated systems then make a determination as to the threat level and act accordingly. We actively eliminate negative data and remove third party domains on your behalf.


Take Down Domains

DomainSkate can remove most websites contravening your brand. If your Outsourced Brand Manager determines infringement of any kind, we can submit a takedown request and follow up through all available avenues.



DomainSkate will provide you with timely, accurate reports on the Outsourced Brand Manager’s activities. This includes full periodic assessments and the processes resulting in domain removal.



Our Service

DomainSkate uses cutting-edge technology to monitor online content, including social media, news websites, and forums. This real-time insight allows us to identify and respond promptly to any potential threats that could damage your brand’s reputation.

Brand Reputation Management:

In partnership with the client, we develop and implement strategies to protect and enhance the overall brand’s reputation. DomainSkate’s Custom Brand Manager flags negative content and highlights potential avenues for brand improvement like customer engagement.

Benefits of using a Custom Brand Manager

DomainSkate’s Outsourced Brand Manager provides real-time monitoring and management of your online presence, which can impact your brand’s perception.

Improved online reputation

Our services can help you to improve your online reputation and attract more customers.

Early detection of issues

With DomainSkate’s Outsourced Brand Manager’s proactive monitoring of online content for mentions of your brand, we can detect and address potential issues or negative sentiments before they escalate.

Increased brand awareness

We can help you to increase brand awareness by generating positive online conversations about your company.

Improved customer satisfaction

We can help you to improve customer satisfaction by understanding and addressing customer concerns.

Reduced negative

We can help you to identify and mitigate the impact of negative online reviews, effectively maintaining your reputation.

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