Global Anti-Scam Alliance (GASA) Publishes BlockChain Domain Name Article

27 January 2023

DomainSkate is a proud member of the GASA (Global Anti Scam Alliance). The GASA recently published our article on BlockChain domain names and in case you have not seen it…

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SEO Poisoning Scams Target Brands – Use Google Ads to Further Their Cause

26 January 2023 reported earlier this week on new research showing a recent increase in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) poisoning. SEO poisoning attacks are targeted to advertising links, like paid Google Ad…

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Update – CHATGPT Domain Names Surge

25 January 2023

The number of ChatGPT domain names that we found this week grew by over 250 domains from last week to a total of over 590 domain names as of this…

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Blockchain Domain Names and Brand Protection – DomainSkate Article at

20 January 2023

Check out our article on brand protection and blockchain domain names at You can find the article by clicking on this link.  

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The ChatGPT Domain Name Rush Is On Its Way

20 January 2023

ChatGPT and other AI Software programs are stirring up a lot of activity in the world today. It is changing everything from the way that kids are doing their homework,…

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Brand Protection Software and UDRP’s – When Is The Right Time to File?

20 January 2023

The Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) gives brand owners the ability to shut down or obtain ownership of a domain name that is abusing its trademark or brand…

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Brand Protection Software – Why Lawyers and Paralegals are Critical to Effective Operations

13 January 2023

There has been a lot of efficiency brought to brand protection and legal operations as a result of the internet and online legal tech resources. As a result, brand protection…

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Facebook Fined For Violating EU Privacy Laws

04 January 2023

Earlier today Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, was fined 390 million euros and found guilty under European Union Law of violating the provisions of the General Data…

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Ukrainian Phishing Scam Results in Over $3M in Stolen Funds

05 July 2022

Ukrainian security authorities arrested the hackers responsible for creating an elaborate phishing scam that stole over $3M by convincing unsuspecting Ukrainian citizens to sign up for financial aid services while…

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Apple Supports Bi-Partisan Data Privacy Bill

15 June 2022

Apple CEO Tim Cook threw the companies hat in the “privacy ring” by publicly supporting the draft data privacy bill making its way through the Senate. Cook stated in his…

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U.K. Sees Double-Digit Increase in Digital Scams – More Than 40 million already in 2022

15 June 2022

A report from InfoSecurity Magazine citing a poll by a group in the U.K. found that more there was a huge increase in digital scams targeting U.K. online consumers. According…

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Crypto Crimes Increase at Brisk Pace in ’21-22

07 June 2022

Earlier today the The U.S. Federal Trade Commission put out a report stating that between January ’21 and March ’22 approximately 46,000 Americans have lost more than $1B worth of…

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New Platform Laws Could Change Landscape of Internet Shopping

02 June 2022

E-commerce platforms have relied on a 2010 Second Circuit decision to insulate them from liability for the sale of counterfeit products by third parties on their sites. In that case,…

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New EU Regs = Good Policy and Good Business

13 March 2019

CEO David Mitnick talks about how new EU regulations like the GDPR and NISD are making the EU safer and spurring business. Check out the article at the Above The…

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New Data Breach Law Passed in Massachussets

15 January 2019

On January 10th Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker signed into law H. 4806, a new piece of legislation that amends the state’s existing data breach law to give citizens more rights and…

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Breach of the Day – QUORA

04 December 2018

I got an e-mail last night from Quora that my personal information may have been stolen, so I feel like I am slightly ahead of the curve on this one….

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New Consumer Data Privacy Laws Start Popping Up – Client Update

28 November 2018

There have been a number of new consumer data privacy laws that have been passed or proposed here in the United States in the last several months, including a recently proposed…

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Oregon Senator Proposes New Federal Consumer Data Privacy Law

07 November 2018

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden has drafted a proposed federal data privacy bill (formally called the “Consumer Data Protection Act”) and has posted it for discussion and comments. The proposal is…

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New Ad Fraud Combines Domain Spoofing with In-App Bundle

10 July 2018

The International Advertising Bureau introduced the Ads.txt standard last year in order to prevent the practice of domain-spoofing, whereby digital advertising platforms are duped into thinking that fraudulent or fake…

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