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Use our free service 'Threat Finder' to get a list of 10 sites that may be infringing on your brand.

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Google Ads Being Used to Run Fake Payroll Scams

13 November 2023

We recently came across a scam using a fake website/domain name for one of the largest payroll companies in the world. The scam uses Google Ads to dupe users into…

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Blockchain Domains to be Accessible on Internet With New .BOX Domain Names

15 August 2023

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS), is launching a new domain name extension dubbed .box sometime next month.  According to ENS the .box domain extension will be the first blockchain-native domain…

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New Google Top Level Domain Names Raise Brand and Cybersecurity Concerns

30 May 2023

Google recently introduced a number of new Top Level Domains (TLDs) that are raising security red flags all over the internet. As a quick starter, a TLD is what comes…

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ChatGPT Domains and Scams Continue Rapid Growth

19 May 2023

Meta (Facebook) recently reported that it has seen a large uptick in ChatGPT related scams. Specifically, the company noted that since March of 2023, it has discovered “ten malware families…

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.SHOP Domain Names Becoming Favorite For Phishing Scams and Fake Sites

18 May 2023

We have noticed a sharp uptick in the number of scam sites that are using the .SHOP top-level domain name (TLD). The .SHOP registry is relatively small, with less than…

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Recovering Cryptocurrency From an Online Scam is Difficult – Increasing Need For Companies to Grab Blockchain Domain Name Assets

18 May 2023

Recovering stolen cryptocurrency funds is highly difficult due to the nature of crypto. Cryptocurrencies have been built to be decentralized and pseudonymous, making it extremely difficult for victims of scams…

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Brand Protection Best Practices for Political Campaigns

16 May 2023

Although it seems early, the 2024 political season is already in full swing. Races all over the country are heating up with large numbers of fundraising and organizing activities happening…

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The Global Anti-Scam Alliance Makes Recommendations to Make the Internet Safer

21 April 2023

  Online scams have become a global epidemic. Consumers worldwide lost an estimated $55 billion as a result of online scams. The social and emotional trauma cannot even be measured. In many…

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Domain Names and Preventing Phishing Attacks With Brand Protection Software

13 April 2023

Domain names are the linchpin for running effective phishing attacks. Domain names that mirror or mimic the brand name of a company are the clearest indicator of the potential source…

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Crypto Scams Flourish Online – New Database Provides Window Into Operations, Methods, and Money Lost

03 March 2023

Cryptocurrency scams are everywhere it seems. Recently several crypto scams used hacked YouTube channels to promote fake investment schemes that subscribers to those channels may have seen as legitimate because…

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Over 7,000 CHATGPT Domain Names Are Now Registered

16 February 2023

The number of domain names that contain the term CHATGPT continues to rise, with our platform now watching and picking up over 7,000 registered domain names. It is not surprising…

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Crypto Scams Get a New Look With “Stream-Jacking” Technique That Links Hijacked YouTube Channels to Phishing URLs

14 February 2023

A crypto scam that promises investors large returns on their investment and then takes their money, has been making the rounds, using hijacked YouTube channels as the lure, and the…

Learn more Customers Get Phishing Email From Company as a Result of API Hack

13 February 2023

A few days ago customers of got an email from the company that looked pretty legit but was the result of an email system hack with one of their…

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National Arbitration Forum Rejects UDRP Complaint Over Failure to Assert Trademark Rights

10 February 2023

The National Arbitration Forum recently rejected a domain arbitration complaint filed by Helix Innovations (“Complainant”), represented by Corsearch, on the basis that the Complainant failed to show it had a…

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New Report by Marsh Shows Brand Reputational Risk as a Leading Risk Factor For Companies

10 February 2023

According to a new industry report released by Marsh, reputational risk is climbing quickly up the list of major concerns for risk leaders. According to the report 80% of the…

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Phishing Software Attacks Use Domain Names as Effective Lures to Confuse Customers of Financial Institutions

07 February 2023

A recent report by the website KrebsOnSecurity shined a light on a couple of scams that are making the rounds and using domain names as a primary means of confusing…

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“ChatGPT” and “OpenAI” Domain Name Registrations are Still Surging

03 February 2023

This last week we saw more than 500+ domain names added to the ChatGPT domain dashboard we have created, bringing the total to over 1300 registered domain names.  One thing…

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Global Anti-Scam Alliance (GASA) Publishes BlockChain Domain Name Article

27 January 2023

DomainSkate is a proud member of the GASA (Global Anti Scam Alliance). The GASA recently published our article on BlockChain domain names and in case you have not seen it…

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SEO Poisoning Scams Target Brands – Use Google Ads to Further Their Cause

26 January 2023 reported earlier this week on new research showing a recent increase in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) poisoning. SEO poisoning attacks are targeted to advertising links, like paid Google Ad…

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Update – CHATGPT Domain Names Surge

25 January 2023

The number of ChatGPT domain names that we found this week grew by over 250 domains from last week to a total of over 590 domain names as of this…

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